scarcity or plenty

Today has not been my favorite.  This week. This month. The past year.  Back and back and back.  That tells me that I’m in a funk. I’m not spending real time with God. I’m not letting Him mold and challenge and fuel me – I’m reacting (often badly) to what […]

fresh words

My house is mostly quiet. Everyone else has gone to bed – not to sleep, yet. But the settling has begun. I can hear the ceiling fan. Kids are coughing. We are on the feeling-better climb after yet another virus. I am tired. I am tired of being sick. I […]

weaving a prayer:: codname:popquiz is officially available for preorder

June. JUNE. I have been writing and even blogging, but everything is partially done or OLD and I have felt like I am posting but there have been no new posts published. I’ve been so busy with so many things, but I feel like I have nothing to show for […]

codename:popquiz – the new writenow journal (an update)

 I have to fight the belief that if I would be more dedicated to a specific schedule, I would be a better person. My house would be cleaner, I would prepare better (healthier) meals, I would have a thriving business, I would exercise way more, my kids would be happier, […]

project:playtime (spring 2015)


I am currently at work on a supersecret project, and it is really working, so I am having all.the.ideas and everything else just sort of melts away. More ideas. Aanndd some more ideas. It’s all like* – Jonathan: What’s for dinner? Me: Can I bulk order oil pastels? And can […]

proceeding with satisfaction

I’ve been making notes and pondering what to develop as business plans this year. I’ve knocked “actually make money” right off the bottom of the list and just want these ideas to pay for themselves and be satisfying. I’ve spent a lot of time evaluating how my ideas line up […]

saturday was warm

We tried adventure. Annie was the only kid who wanted to adventure with me. Her idea of adventure and my idea of adventure don’t always overlap, though. She ended up on an adventure with DadDad. I took pictures of plants, largely underwhelmed with my results. I’ve been on the lookout […]

no school this week

I have big plans for this week. It’s an off-week for school. I’m going to do some sitting on the couch and reading and playing. And then we’re going to do some fun projects. And be glad it’s not cold outside. Well, one day it will be cold. But other […]

the news is no new

I’ve been thinking, lazily, about where I want to head to run into a new business project. I don’t have a solid idea for a fresh journaling kit. I’m not sure where to start with any of my other ideas. No, that’s not true. They’ll require research – that’s where […]

third third birthday

My Sis’erMae turned 3 last Monday. We still haven’t done birthday portraits (we’ve been snotty and ornery and just plain NO). I still haven’t written her a birthday letter. But I have watched her, and laughed with her, and I have held her sooooo tight. Brennan has been willful, determined, […]